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Kanmani has been designed specially for on-screen reading. So the x-height is large, the ascenders and descenders are short and straight, the strokes have been made as straight as possible, the letterforms have simple shapes and the inter-character spacing is large enough for easy reading. You can safely discard your current on-screen Malayalam typefaces which have been designed for print and are too round to be displayed properly on low resolution screens with illegible conjuncts. You also needn't settle for those bundled UI Malayalam typefaces which look like anything but Malayalam. Available in two weights, you will be surprised to see them look good in print as well. Kanmani also has a Latin (English) typeface built in to it for easy bilingual publishing.


Kanmani has been hinted perfectly for easy onscreen reading. Even if you read pages after pages, the typeface will not jar or tire your eyes.
Monoweight design
Rounded square form
Straight strokes, ascenders and descenders
Designed for better on-screen reading
Ideal for Websites and User Interfaces in Malayalam
Matching English companion typeface for bilingual publishing
Designed by Hashim P M in 2013
Available in Normal, Italic, Bold & Bold Italic


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