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If you have wondered why Malayalam did not have narrow and sleek letters like in English, essential for display typography, Orma is the answer. The leetrforms are narrow, the strokes are parallel, outer corners are less rounded and the counters are minimal with sharp corners. Some counters have been also given inktraps to avoid clogging and this gives the typeface sharper, clinical look. The typeface is ideal for sleek and spaced typography.


Orma brings the sleek form to Malayalam typography with its straight edges, minimal counters and extra-large x-height. The letterforms have less-rounded corners with the inner counters having sharp corners. Some of the letters have suggestive tails replacing promiment ones. The stem junctions are given a tuck inside (ink-traps) to avoid ink-clogging in the very narrow counters. These finer details give Orma a sparkle on the page. This is perhaps one of the rare Malayalam typefaces that can be used with extra spacing.
Monoweight, narrow design
Squared and boxy form
Inktraps for improved legibility
Horizontally chopped terminals
Designed by Hashim P M in 2008
Available in Normal, Italic, Bold & Bold Italic


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