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RTL typefaces have many features hitherto not found in any other Malayalam typefaces. Here are a few of the common features. Some fonts have additional features depending on the design and intended application. You can always ask for more features if you have any specific need.


Right design
Most typefaces currently used in Malayalam are either antiquated designs, or are over-used and some others look hardly like they belong to the language, being designed by people who do not read, write or speak it, let alone understand its subtle nuances, evolved over centuries. RightType typefaces are fresh and have been designed by people who know the language and have been working in it for decades.
    Added Rupee symbol
All of them have Rupee symbol in them designed to match perfectly with the rest of the font. No more switching between fonts. In fact we can even provide you a customised characterset within the limits of your keyboard manager software.
  Right format
You can order RightType in your choice of format. PostScript, TrueType and OpenType formats are supported. They can also be mapped to any industry standard characterset, including Unicode. You donot have to cut your feet according to the shoes available!


OpenType* Layout features
RightType typefaces have been designed to realise the full potential of OpenType technology. Alternate characters, hanging numerals, matching English, coordinated symbols etc. can be built into any font for ease of use.

* Since OpenType features are currently supported by very few software, please check (the extent of) compatibility before opting for this font format.

. Right kerning and hinting
They are carefully kerned for a close fit which gives text printed in them a compact feel. On screen they look smooth and clean because of the excellent hinting instructions added to them.
You can add an extra character, or a matching English characters or your company logo or a symbol to the typeface to make it complete and really useful to your day-today activity. These add-on features are however chargeable additionally..
  Right characters, Right shapes
You would not find strange or odd-shaped characters popping up when you type or inspect the charactermap, for RightType has been designed by people who know Malayalam. You don't have to accept unacceptable shapes and combinations passed on as Malayalam, just because somebody thought they could be useful or soembody found them in an ancient manuscript. RightType is desiged for contemporary use. But we are open to designing extra characters, if there is a special need for it.


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