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Here are a few of the questions you may come up regarding fonts. We have answered them in advance. In case you have more questions, do let us know.
1. How do I buy a typeface/font?
You are encouraged to browse through the samples shown and decide on the font you need and the number of licences you need to use it legally. You can contact us for advise if needed. Once decided, make payment and we will send the font(s) by e-mail or on a CD by courier with the licence document.
2. Why I am a licensing a font and not buying it?
Fonts are software, they can only be licensed, they cannot be bought over. When you buy a licence, you are allowed to use it as per certain terms and conditions for a stipulated period
3. How many licences should I buy?
For individual use, you need to buy only one licence. For multiple users you need to buy as many licenses or a multi-user license. Institutional buyers who need many licences for many locations need to get insitutional licences. MOre details are given here.
4. How do you accept payment?
Currently we accept cheques or bank transfer only. On request we will give you our bank details. When you deposit the amount in our account, we will send the font(s) by e-mail or on a CD with the licencing document.
5. Can I redistribute, resell, share, modify the font?
When you buy a licence, you are only allowed to use it. You cannot resell, redistribute, share or modify it. It is illegal to do so. Every font we licence has the name of the person who owns the licence encrypted in it.
6. Do you give support and service?
Fonts are licensed as is where is. While you order you can specify the characterset and keymap you would prefer and we will generate the font for that. In case you find any mistake we will gladly fix it if reported within 2 weeks. Future updates and major changes will cost extra. Key board changes, mapping changes, software compatibility fixing etc. will be charged on a case-to-case basis.
7. Which keyboards do RTL typefaces support?
Our fonts are mapped to corform to ISM-Inscript keyboards formats by default. This is Unicode-non compliant, yet currently the most popular format. We have added a few extra characters (like the Rupee symbol) in available spaces. We can remap fonts to any other key format or add any other characters on request at an extra cost. We also provide Unicode compliant fonts if required.


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