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Typography in Malayalam has never been more exciting. A slew of fresh and new typefaces are being released along with a few popular ones too, all at affordable prices to give your publications a fresh and contemporary look. Purchase and use them, legally.
Or if you are very particular, you can even get typefaces custom-made for you. You can now safely discard your over-used, antiquated and poorly designed typefaces.
They are not those which have been used to death, they are few and special. They are individually numbered and signed so that they cannot easily be pirated. They can be used for all your needs, be it for print, broadcast or online needs.
You can license them exclusively or non-exculsively and they are yours forever. Moreover, they are now also available in the industry standard Unicode based OpenType format offering several new features taking Malayalam typography to the next level.
Designed by the same hands that have created typefaces for leading publishing houses in Malayalam, they are original, impeccably crafted and rigourously tested. Choose them in any format you want, to be compatible with any characterset you may be using, with any number of characters and conjuncts.
They have been designed by people who know Malayalam and have been designing typefaces for it for the last two decades. So you can be assured of designs faithful to Malayalam. Let Typography in Malayalam come to life again.
Kanmani in use on screen.
Kanmani is the first Malayalam typeface designed specially for on-screen reading. The straighter stems, larger x-height, open form and larger counters make it a pleasure to read on-screen. The extra legibility also works well in print especially in small sizes.
Orma in use on Perry Mason books published by D C Books.
It is always a pleasure to see our typefaces in use anywhere. Do send us your samples to get them featured here. We will credit you for that.
Kasthuri designed for D C Books
Promotional poster for Kasthuri designed for the body text of D C Books publications.
D C Books started using Kasthuri designed exclusively for their body text. Kasthuri is wide, artistic, has a hint of a serifs and curly italics. Apart from Kasthuri, they also use our design Thumba as their corporate typeface and for their display needs.

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